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Zero Waste Stores

We’ve all seen the pictures in the news - tonnes of plastic destroying our world, whether its in our oceans or mountains of plastic in landfill sites.

Today, there is a growing movement to be zero waste and if everyone made small changes in their lives, this would lead to significant changes across the world.

We don’t believe in pre packed teabags as these teabags may still contain small amounts of plastic.

Instead our philosophy has always been to source the best quality loose leaf tea and to drink it as it has always been drunk, for many thousands of years - LOOSE!

If you are a zero waste store looking to stock the best quality loose leaf teas then we can help you.

There are no minimum order quantities; if you only want 500g then we are happy to supply this amount.

We supply all our teas in 100% recycled block bottom paper bags. These are doubled bagged to protect the teas, but also allows you to reuse the bags within the store, giving them another lease of life.

Our bags are made from high quality 70gsm brown kraft paper making these suitable for heavy duty use and tear resistant - they are 100% recyclable, compostable and biodegradable.

As these bags need to be sealed and cannot be heat sealed, we have decided to use paper tape, the eco alternative to plastic tape.

We would suggest once the bags are finished with, they should be disposed of in your usual council recycling collection.

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