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Loose Teas: Black Tea

Black Tea is almost fully fermented tea. The leaves of the Camellia Sinensis are plucked and to make into Black Tea the leaves are withered then rolled to allow oxidation to take place before they are dried.

The result is a very dark coloured leaf that produces a rich amber to red liquor. Because of the oxidation process Black Tea contains more caffeine and less antioxidants than Green Tea, however is higher in amino acids and tannins.

Traditionally Black Tea has been used to make many blends including English Breakfast and the more common varieties include Darjeeling, Assam and Ceylon.

We are expanding our range with some new Chinese Black Tea, including a superb Golden Bi Luo from Yunnan.

Our organic teas are proving more and more popular.

At The Teahouse we enjoy different teas at different times of the day and have put together a fantastic range of Organic Teas for you to enjoy.

All partners and their procedures are controlled by the supervisory authorities based on the strict regulations, including EU, USA and Swiss IMO, with annual certifications.

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NOTE: some of our loose teas can be purchased already in a metal caddy (see any marked with below). Also, some of the teas in caddies can have a personalised label (lookout out for teas marked below).