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Loose Teas: Pu Erh

Pu Erh tea is perhaps the most interesting of all Chinese Teas.
There are very few teas that improve with age, however much like wine Pu Erh is one of them.

Coming from Yunnan Province in the south of China, Pu Erh is drunk regularly with food to aid digestion. Medically proven assist with the digestion of the lipid, or fat cells, and help with lowering Cholesterol, blood pressure and managing weight.

In fact, recent research has shown Pu Erh to have significantly helped ‘fatty liver’ syndrome.

Whilst the tea is left to age, a ‘good’ bacteria builds up on the leaf. This bacteria is of similar type to the bacteria that already exists in the digestive tract. The supplementation effect naturally improves the digestive abilities of the body.

This results in significantly improved digestion, thereby lowering cholesterol, blood pressure and weight.

It is recommended that Pu Erh is drunk with food so that it enters the body at the same time as the food and can beginning to aid digestion from the outset.

A good Pu Erh has to be one of the most satisfying teas available, it should fill the palate withrich, yet mellow flavours, from a cup that has good body.

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