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Loose Teas: Herbal Infusions

For those who are looking to lower their caffeine intake there are some wonderful alternatives.

Red Bush or Rooibos is packed full of vitamins and antioxidant and even tastes like tea!

Or perhaps you would rather unwind with a cup of Chamomile made from sweet Egyptian flowers - whatever your choice you're in the right place.

We have some wonderful Organic Caffeine Free infusions including the renowned Rooibos from South Africa.

To attain an Organic certification the producers must pass a number of examinations over time to ensure that amongst other things, there are no chemical pesticides or fertilizers used in the production of their teas.

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NOTE: some of our loose teas can be purchased already in a metal caddy (see any marked with below). Also, some of the teas in caddies can have a personalised label (lookout out for teas marked below).